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3'x6' Handmade Woolen Antique Nepal Rug

The production on Nepali Rugs rose in the 1970`s in Nepal and, therefore, came the name "Nepali Rugs". The natives there increased the production line from small area sized wool rugs into larger pieces that furthered their demand across the European market. They`re one of the most sought after Tribal rugs in the world. Nepali Rug featuring cutting-edge minimalist patterns and contemporary compositions are increasingly popular among designers and homeowners. This tiny nation sandwiched between India and Tibet is an icon in the world of Modern Nepali Rug. Designers in New York City, London and Europe`s great capitals turn to Nepalese craftspeople for their fabulous skills and natural aptitude for producing transitional and Modern Rugs.

Size: 3'x6'(90x190cm)
Price: USD 1800/Piece
Material: Nepali wool
Technics: Hand Knotted
Rug Quality: 100line;69kpsi; 107639 knots/m2

 Hand woven Indo Nepali Rug

Indo Nepali Rug

Hand woven wool  Nepali Rug

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