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3'x6' Hand knotted Tiger Nepali Woolen Carpets

The Nepali Rugs, around the 19th century and earlier on, limited themselves in using only a select number of colors due to their usage of natural dyes. Among these dyes are red, blue, yellow, green, grey and brown. Later on in the 20th century, the weavers developed a greater use of design and color in their rugs. The patterns of designs used can be classified into two main types: medallion and checkered patterns inherited from the Chinese culture. After the 19th century these designs evolved into utilizing clouds, floral designs, and ancient animals like dragons and phoenixes. Their work normally consisted of repeating patterns or a big central piece in the middle in the carpet`s body while using different colors creating an original contrast.

Size: 3'x6'(90x190cm)
Price: USD 1800/Piece
Material: Nepali wool
Technics: Hand Knotted
Rug Quality: 100line;69kpsi; 107639 knots/m2

Handwoven Nepali Woolen Carpet


Nepali Woolen Carpet


 Tiger Wool Woolen Carpets

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