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3'x6' Handmade Modern Nepali Tibetan Rug

These Nepali Rugs are hand-made in 100% wool with 100 knots/inch by Tibetan and Nepali craftsman in Kathmandu, Nepal. Rare to the market, the designs of Tibetan Nepali rugs consist of mostly typical Tibetan and Nepali motifs, some classic and some modern updates. These sizes are 3x6 feet, 6x9ft, 8x10ft and 9x12ft. This modern nepali rug is not quickly or cheaply made machine rugs. It takes many, many hours to complete by a skilled craftsman and will easily last many generations with proper care. In fact, the weavers use what is called a "Tibetan knot" that is more complex than symmetrical or asymmetrical Persian knots. It is very rare to find this technique used outside of Nepal, so these are truly unique carpets you can't find anywhere else! The Nepali woolen carpets are produced with both vegetable dyes and environmentally friendly Azo-free dyes.
Size: 3'x6'(90x190cm)
Price: USD 1800/Piece
Material: Nepali wool
Technics: Hand Knotted
Rug Quality: 100line;69kpsi; 107639 knots/m2
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 Nepali Tibetan Rug

Nepali Tibetan Rug

Tibetan Rug


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