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10'x14' Garden Scene Handwoven Wool Persian Carpet

This kind of beautiful garden scene handwoven wool carpet depicts scenes of life as framed within classic Persian Carpet elements,which can make the viewers enjoy a pleasant feeling. Fourteen rows and seventeen columns create 238 pictorial spectacles, presenting vivid scenes of trees, flowers, rivers and vases with vibrant color scheme, which results in a colorful and charming appearance of the beautiful garden scene handwoven wool Persian carpet.The hand knotted carpet is made of wool,no mildew, rejected chemical adhesives, and environmentally safe without allergies, as well as does not fade and does not deteriorate as time goes by.

SKU: NY1492
Size: 10'x14' (305x427cm)
Price: USD 16800/Piece
Material: Wool
Rug Quality: 100line; 69kpsi; 107639 knots/m2

Traditional rug

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Wool carpet

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Persian rug.jpg

New Carpet

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