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9'x12' Handwoven Wool Persian Carpet

Carpet Description

SKU: NY1380
Size: 9'x12' (274x366cm)
Whole Price:based on order quantity
Retail Price: USD 12960/Piece
Material: Wool
Technics:Hand Knotted
Rug Quality: 100line; 69kpsi; 107639 knots/m2

Persian carpet.jpg

The vibrant crimson as main hue used to define the landscape of the graceful handwoven Oriental Persian wool carpet.The intricate arabesque pattern adorns the vibrant crimson field of the handwoven wool Persian carpet.


Persian carpet.jpg

At the heart of the exquisute 9'x12' handwoven Oriental Persian wool carpet, flower pattern is beautiful and moving against the soft beige,light green and fresh blue, which makes the whole Oriental wool carpet more charming.


Wool carpet

In addition, the main blue surrounding border is wonderful and eye-catching,which makes the handwoven wool Oriental carpet more extraordinary.The sharp juxtaposition of vibrant crimson,soft beige and navy blue brings a good visual effect and makes the hand knotted carpet vigorous. Hand knotted rugs from Nanyang Carpet always have fringe, which reflect the use of warp threads in the making of the rug.


Traditional rug

The backside of the hand knotted rug displays a perfect reflection of the rug’s design, and can be rolled and folded in any direction.By looking at the backside of a rug or a carpet, you should easily be able to see whether it’s hand-knotted or not. Hand knotted silk rugs from Nanyang Carpet have visible knots on their backside.

The hand knotted carpet is made of wool,no mildew, rejected chemical adhesives, and environmentally safe without allergies, as well as does not fade and does not deteriorate as time goes by.


Why Choose Handwoven Wool Carpets from Nanyang Carpet Factory?

First, wool carpets are very well managed. Many friends worry that wool carpets are difficult to manage and give up buying. In fact, on the contrary, wool carpets are particularly resistant to dirt. The hand wool carpets from Nanyang Carpet Factory, instead of using national wool, use better New Zealand wool as raw material. New Zealand wool contains very low lanolin, less than 0.5%, and the wool fiber has three layers.

Second, anti-stepping. Our wool carpets are no problem under the furniture for a long time and will not be crushed. Because one of the characteristics of New Zealand wool is that the resilience is very good, coupled with the tough structure of the wool's scales,so that it is particularly resistant to abrasion.


Third,good flame retardancy, no static electricity. The flame retardancy of wool is very good, and the ignition temperature needs to reach 550 ° C, the wool is not easy to melt when burning. Therefore, it is very safe.


Fourth,anti-allergic, anti-mite. Our handwoven wool carpets are 100% natural fiber and should not be allergic if properly cleaned and maintained. Our wool carpets are treated with insect repellent at the factory. This natural insect repellent is harmless to babies and pets.

Nanyang Silk Carpet Factory specializes in the production of various handknotted rugs, using traditional handicraft production. Due to perfect handicraft, rich colors, outstanding design and consecutively quality, the handwovn rugs from Nanyang Carpet have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world,as well as have wons the honor both at home and overseas.


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The breathtaking handmade rugs from Nanyang Carpet can not only make the living space more beautiful,colorful and comfrotable,but also show the host's taste and characteristic.

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