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Modern Style Wool Handwoven Carpets

Release time: 2019-09-12

Handmade rugs are woven in the most traditional hand-knotted craft.

woolen handwoven rug.jpg

In the past, the patterns were mainly based on traditional Persian style and tribal style.But in the last ten years,the world's home decoration began to popularize simple modern style.

modern wool rug handmade.jpg

The designs of handmade carpets also change as home trends change.Hand knotted carpets with modern minimalist abstract design is currently popular in Europe and the United States,which is the most popular handmade carpet, as well as the main style that many softcover designers look for.

Abstract design handmade rugs.jpg

Hand woven carpet with modern abstract design from Nanyang Carpet are made of silk and wool.They are softer and comfortable.
At the same time, the carpet surface has a hand-cut flower process,which achieves high-quality quality handwoven carpet.

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