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How to identify Traditional Rug and Modern Rug

Release time: 2018-08-14

Traditional rugs usually refer to traditional Oriental patterns, traditional European patterns and so on. Traditional rug designs contain floral design, geometric pattern, animal motif, character pattern and central medallion.
Especially,the patterns of the Oriental carpet are mostly based on Persian carpet patterns.Various trees, leaves, flowers, vines, birds, and animals have been processed,transformed, and combined with geometrical patterns to form a strong decorative pattern, which is with a very strong oriental sentiment. Oriental rugs are usually matched with a central pattern and a different edging pattern. The center pattern can be a suitable pattern,which is used with the central flower plus four horned flowers, or it can be freely spliced or repeatedly arranged with entangled flowers. The layout is rigorous and neat, and the pattern is covered with carpet surface.Above all , the handwoven Oriental carpet patterns are exquisite and meticulous.

modern rugs.jpg
Unlike traditional rugs,modern rugs are modern designs,which often integrate bold colors and unusual design elements.The patterns of modern rugs are tend to fashionable geometric patterns, free form or abstract styled elements,which are more Western.In addition,uneven, colored stripes are also popular, and more natural scenery are also represented here, such as flowering vines and branches.
Although many modern rugs come in just one or two colors without any intricate designs,which are still the perfect addition for modern space. What’s more,more people may consider that modern rug should be placed in modern settings.This is true, of course, but modern rug or contemporary rug with traditional decoration properly can creates a wonderful contrast that’s elegant and fashionable.

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