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Why Choose Handwoven Wool Carpet in the Home Decoration

Release time: 2018-07-25

 Handwoven carpets,such as handwoven silk carpets,handwoven wool carpets, are not only a home soft decoration carpet, but also an artwork on the ground.Why choose handwoven wool carpet in the home decoration?

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Compared with handwoven silk carpet, usually,handwoven wool carpet is more cheaper.In general, wool carpet costs less than silk carpet. The material of wool carpet is wool. Unlike silk, wool is more productive, more common, and easier to obtain, so it is relatively inexpensive. Silk is known as the “Fiber Queen” with low production, high cost and high price. So from the cost of raw materials, wool carpets are really relatively affordable.
In addition, wool carpet yarns are also thicker than silk carpet yarns, so wool is generally used to weave carpets of low density. Density is an important factor in determining the quality and price of handwoven carpets. The density is low and the price of handwoven carpets is relatively cheap.However, it should be noted that the low price of wool carpets is usually under normal circumstances, and in some particular cases, the price of wool carpets is even more expensive than silk carpets.

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In addition,the yarns of wool carpet is thick and strong, so the wool carpet surface is generally flat and thick.What’s more, the wool itself has strong anti-fouling performance, so the thick wool carpet is often laid in high traffic area.
Besides,the feel of wool carpets and silk carpets is quite different, which is the biggest difference in a sense. Because the wool carpet is thick, the foot feels is soft and comfortable. The first feeling you step on the handmade wool carpet is soft, and the second feeling is to lie on the hand knotted wool carpet to sleep .

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As beautiful decorations in interior design,handwoven wool carpets are durable, exquisite and classical.If you are looking for handmade wool carpets with reliable quality for your home, the hand knotted wool carpets from Nanyang Carpet Factory are ideal choice to increase the beauty of your living area.

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